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{Fashion} Fashion Bloggers Have Fickle Hearts


Do you know the Channing (gold) by Michael Kors? Store Style Number MK5894?  Little hint: she was the main focus of the Michael Kors summer campaign. All summer long you couldn't open a fashion magazine without stumbling across an ad for her. As much as I do not buy into summer watches, this one was love at first sight. And seeing all the ads for her I was not the only one. The semi-precious stone used for the face just is too pretty to be overlooked. And after trying it on I knew that pictures just cannot do her justice.

Everything could’ve been perfect. Except for a tiny little detail: Channing is totally sold out. In Berlin. In Germany. Everywhere! How could that have happened? It was the centrepiece of the entire summer champagne! Obviously, the Micheal Kors team believed in their product selling well or they wouldn’t have bothered building their entire campaign around it. So why did retailers get 1 or 2 pieces max! Aren’t they just set up for massive consumer backlash?

I can understand that production procedures tend to be different when involving cutting semi-precious stones. I really do. But didn’t Anna Wintour herself say that waiting lists like this do more harm than good? I can honestly say that I personally have no intention whatsoever to wait for a summer watch until late fall. I already find the usual three weeks when ordering via retailer shops a trial of my patience. And why should I wait? There are so many beautiful fish in the sea. Lie this Marc by Marc Jacobs beauty. She would transition so well into fall and winter…

What can I say? I am a fashion blogger and I have a fickle fashion heart!



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