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{Lifestyle} Enforced Digital Detox


Some time ago I experienced every blogger’s worst nightmare: my internet provider was facing connection problems in my area. No telephone. No internet. No nothing. And I was in the middle of registering for Berlin Fashion Week. Nooooo! How could that happen? Well, I don’t know but these are my diaries during this digital blackout.

Day 1

No internet! Come on, guys, that is not very funny! Not funny at all. Wait. Did I forget to pay my bills again? – No. I did not. Thank God for my iPhone. But what now?  Geez, 11 pm already? Let’s call it a day and tomorrow everything will be back to normal. I was tired anyway.


Still no internet! What the …! Ok. Quick check on the iPhone. Jan is having problems as well. But he lives on the other side of Germany. That net is getting flooded with complains. Well, I’m sure they are working on it already. No problem. There’s a lot of work I can get done without the internet. Like cleaning my office or sorting bills. – OK. Been there. Done that. My office never looked better. Maybe when Mom was visiting last year... But that is not the issue here: my internet is not working. And I was saving money by not going for that big data plan for my mobile. I could edit a few photos. Come on, Charlotte, get real. That is not solving the problem here. I need to use Facebook. Update my readers. They have been uber patient with me this year! I need to research for that one article I can’t get out of my head. And I was registering for Fashion Week!!
Maybe I should let the company know about that. Do I need to pay for these hours living back in the middle ages? How did I survive before the internet anyhow? That would have been the 90s. Not too long ago. And not a bad decade. Just take the day of!

Day 3

Let’s state the facts. I could go to the internet café and finish up my registrations. I just need to find my USB stick to take all my data with me. Where did put it again? And I need to prepare a few things for the blog… Well, I still have a few other articles in mind that I don’t need to research for. Doing that won’t strain my newly founded internet budget. … I really don’t want to touch that budget at all. I really don’t. Going old school then. Pen and paper sound so retro. I feel 10 times more stylish already. Where is my notebook? And my pen?
Crazy idea: turn the park into your office of the day. Looking at my closed data highway makes me depressed… I could take my sketchbook with me and try out my new water colours. Phone? Nah!! The world can go a few hours without my tweets and photos. It well be like these expensive digital detox weekend that are so hop right now. Digital detox that sounds like fun!

Day 4

Still no internet an dhtey say they need more time to figure out the problem. OK then. I guess I could try and register for as many fairs as I can squeeze into 30 minutes in the interne café.


Random Facts

  • I was without internet access for 3 weeks in total.
  • I finished a total of 15 sketches.
  • My office was clean all 3 weeks.


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