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{Event} Shopping with Stella & Dot

How Stylists Shop with Stella and Dot

I get a lot of questions regarding my work as a stylist for Stella & Dot or what a style session is like. I could go on and on about either topic. But the launch of our next collection is just around the corner… Let me show you how we stylists shop. I won’t spoil the surprise of our new collection. Trust me. This will answer both questions so fast!

How Stylists Shop with Stella Dot

Since we love to celebrate accomplishments we usually start our sessions with just that. Who doesn’t love starting with some major kudos!! The only danger is that we get too hyper to listen to our company news after wards… No risk, no fun! After we got up the date with the company news we help each other out. This is another thing I truly love about my company: Even though we all are independent stylists and as such all in business for ourselves, we never are truly by ourselves. I’m surrounded by amazing women I can reach out to anytime. No joke! I once reached out to an American stylists and she replied really fast. And that girl never had heart from me before. Remember me to send her a Christmas card!

Stella & Dot Party 
How Stylists Shop Stella Dot

When styling time has finally come we are just like every other girl shopping: we run around and try on every little accessory. When we are finished the formerly carefully designed display looks like a couple of toddlers were having way too much fun.

How Stylists Shop with Stella & Dot

How Stylists Shop with Stella & Dot

But every other moment you can see us snapping pictures for our clients. Giving them sneak peeks ore telling them about that one bracelet they would really love.

As stylist I usually enjoy designing the display and having women take it apart. It is so much fun to watch them style each other. And sometimes they bring in clothes they have problems accessorising. Together we try on as much bling as she wants until we found her perfect combination. That to me is the best part of all. Seeing my styling clients smile when they finally found their combination.

How Stylists Shop with Stella & Dot



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