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Photo Wall Pinterest Knit Braids
Every time I'm going out I stand in front of my closet screaming "I have NOTHING to wear!" Every single time. Does that happen to you too? You should have seen me last week before going to the Pinterest Housewarming Party. As much as I usually already fret, this time was special. I got invited as SuperPinner to represent Pinterest during that event. As I stood in front of my closet I kept thinking about being photographed later that evening. Funny fact about me: I don't enjoy having my picture taking all that much! Which is quite funny for being a style blogger and all.

After taking forever to deliberate all my options I finally chose my grey H&M skirt. It is quite old but I love it. Once I settled on the skirt the look came together rather quickly. Making me wonder why it took so long for me to get dressed in the first place! I especially loved the knit cardigan which I used as a security blanket all evening.

Pinterest Knit Leather Braids

mixing knit leather fall look

knit leather cardigan fall look

Thanks to Hella for being my personal cheerleader and photographer this evening!

You can see more pictures of the event in my previous post (here) or on the official Pinterest blog (here).

Orsay Knit
H&M Dragon Shirt
H&M Skirt
GlossyboxStyle Booties
Stella & Dot Tia Bag (similar here)
Stella & Dot Cleopatra Studs



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  1. Jaaaaa, ich habe auch nie etwas zum anziehen selbst wenn der Schrank noch so voll ist. Deine Wahl hat mir sehr gefallen!
    Big Hug


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