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Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty I Style By Charlotte

I wanted to post this for sooo long. But writing about winter beauty when the season looks more like spring? Nah. Thank God, it started to snow yesterday...

The melancholic weather during winter season calls for some serious beauty enhancements. And by serious I actually mean fun. Thin classic red, glitter and bright lips!!

1. Smoothing Serum

It’s a great way to keep your pretty hairstyles in check all day long. Last year I fell in love with kms california’s Tame Frizz. It doesn’t come on the cheap side but by now it has become a key piece in my daily hair routine.

2. Primer.  

We all are paler in winter but since my usual complexion is quite tanned people tend to worry about my paler skin during winter. Even my friends mistake it for me going to be sick. Usually I tweak my look with makeup which consequently calls for primer. I really do want my makeup to last throw-out the day AND all the holiday parties after hours. I’m still experimenting with primers though. So far, I’m not sold on one. Currently, I’m alternating between NYX HD Studio Primer in Lavendar or the NYX HD Primer Base. I’ll make sure to post a review later.

3. Body Moisturizer. 

Try to give your skin as much support as you possible can. I love switching to heavy duty moisturizers for winter to fight dull and flaky skin. I’m a compulsive swither of body lotions. This winter I’ll use Normaderm’s Nordic Berry Moisturizer.

4. Bright Lips. 

Since my winter beaty mission is about looking as healthy as I possibly can I favour coral, poppy, pink or red lips during winter and especially during the holidays. My current lipstick obsession is Bobby Brown’s Sweet Nectar which I use almost every day.

5. Classic Nails. 

You can't do any wrong with a classic tomato red. And it never ever goes out of style. Never ! It will forever be an instant glamour staple. My go to shade is essie’s 5th Avenue. It just looks so posh and compliments every skin colour.
xoxo Charlotte
PS: Never Stop - Searching for Glamour in Every Day!

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